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Increase your revenue and boost your number of satisfied customers to accelerate the overall trajectory of your business.

Stay ahead of your consumers’ pace

Digitize your consumers’ payments to give them the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method.

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Gain a comprehensive view of your business with all your data easily accessible on one holistic management platform.

VPOS Touch Credit Card Reader Cashless Payment Device

An all-in-one device

Create marketing and sales opportunities to increase customer engagement and boost revenue while offering consumers the convenience of a 24/7 operation.

VPOS Touch Multiple Payment Methods

These days, not everyone carries cash and Nayax makes every effort to ensure you don’t miss out on a sale with our cashless payment card reader. The VPOS Touch offers both contactless and contact payment options and accepts every dominant payment method on the market so that no potential consumer is turned away.

VPOS Touch Cashless Solution Suitable for Many Markets

The VPOS Touch can be fitted on any new or existing machine in seconds.

This cashless payment card reader is suitable for multiple applications and markets. All sorts of businesses with unattended automatic machines can benefit from installing a VPOS Touch such as laundromats, public restrooms, car washes or kiddie and amusement rides. Other markets that use the VPOS Touch include office coffee machines, photo booths, kiosks, donation machines, electric vehicle charging stations, transportation tickets, massage chairs, prize machines and printers & photocopiers.

Increased Sales with Customer Engagement

The VPOS Touch can enable operators to communicate with their consumers more directly and nurture loyalty by taking advantage of Management Suite’s built-in marketing tools. Run campaigns like digital punch cards, discounts, sales and happy hours, providing your consumer a richer sales experience. Use the color touchscreen’s idle mode to advertise the many campaigns you can promote.

VPOS Touch Credit Card Scanner Additional Features

  • Remote vending
  • Instant refunds
  • Technician mode
  • Multivend
  • Anti-fraud thresholds
  • Real-time data/DEX sent to management suite
  • MDB / Pulse / VCCS / CCI
  • 3G / 4G LTE / Ethernet
  • DEX / DDCMP / RS232 Interface
  • Secure with certifications by EMVCo (levels 1 & 2), CE, FCC, RoHS, MasterCard
  • PayPass, Visa payWave, and PCI DSS