A perfect combination of the best features of self-service touchless car washes and rollover (brush) car washes. A perfect solution for customers who value the quality of touchless washing and the convenience of automatic operation.

BKF WashJet – the highest quality of washing

The BKF WashJet touchless portal car wash offers exceptional vehicle washing efficiency thanks to advanced technology, while minimizing the risk of scratches. The innovative washing system enables effective, comprehensive car care, guaranteeing efficiency and excellent condition of the car. Watch a video presenting the advantages of BKF WashJet.

BKF WashJet dimensions

device model machine height machine width passage height passagewidth washing height washing width
BKF WashJet 2500 3,20 m 3,70 m 2,40 m 2,20 m 2,30 m 2,20 m

Technical specification

Recommended hall dimensions Length min. 10,50 m. Width min. 5,00 m. Height min. 3,00 m.
Track lenght 10m (optionally 12m).
Utility requirements/td>  Electricity max. 25 kW. Water 1” DN25, max. 2,5 m3/h, pressure 4-6 bar.
Drying 4 turbines, each with the power of 4 kW. Two turbines in the roof beam (a highly specialized method of controlling the nozzles) and one turbine on each side.
Wheel washing Up to size 21”.